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This is a test course created for the purposes of the evaluation of the Master's Thesis: GDPR-compliant Privacy Management in Learning Analytics project. It is used to test out the Privacy Control Service, the focus of the project.

The Advanced Community Information Systems (ACIS) group supports professional communities with heterogeneous needs by open and responsive community environments. Results of our research are advancing the emerging Web Science discipline by new analysis and engineering methodologies for large-scale and heterogeneous information systems.

This course is an introduction to PhD in Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL). It contains an overview and links to other DETEL courses. 

In this course, we will look at the field of TEL and try to better understand it by reviewing its components, methods, and boundaries. We attempt to define the priorities of TEL on the global scale and at the time of the pandemic. We, in particular, discuss what roles do the PhD candidates play and what challenges they have in this highly interdisciplinary field. This should help PhD candidates to reflect on their own research topic and try to position it within the field.

The participants will learn about DETEL, an international initiative that aims to improve doctoral education in TEL and develop educational resources on various TEL topics. The participants will also get to know the EATEL community, which has a 15-year-long tradition of doctoral education in the field of TEL. The services that the association provides for doctoral candidates include the doctoral consortium at EC-TEL and the summer school training JTELSS.

Worldwide, about half of the doctoral students that start a PhD never finish it, and a similar proportion show mental health symptoms (like stress or anxiety). However, recent research in doctoral education has uncovered factors related to these problems. This practical seminar draws from these research findings, and lets participants and the instructors share solutions and practices that may help the chances of PhD completion. In the final part of the workshop, we look “behind the scenes” of the seminar itself as a technology-enhanced learning experience, and how particular pedagogies and technologies (e.g., flipped classroom, learning analytics) have been used in it to foster engagement, reflection and learning.